1) To deliver a sharp blow with the foot or knee.

1675 threw her downe, trayled her upon the ground and punched her with his feet, Meltham

1754 did punch him upon the body with his knees, Sheffield.

dates 1675 1754

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2) A pit-prop.

This word is discussed at some length in the OED but its origin remains uncertain. No mention is made there of Wright who listed it as a West Riding coal-mining term for a pit-prop and compared it with ‘puncheon’ which had that meaning. There is earlier evidence in south Yorkshire accounts which supports that connection: 1637 they get Punch wood for the use of the coale pits, Sheffield

1778 for Felling and Boughing punch wood, Elsecar.

dates 1637 1778

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0