1) The implement used for making butter.

1485 j cherne, ijd, Ripon. In earlier centuries it was a wooden upright barrel, fitted with a staff with which the cream was agitated: 1559 Mylke house ... a chirn with a staf, Hipswell

1676 1 churne & churne stafe, Barley. 'Kirn' is a regional spelling of 'churn': 1558 Item a kerne, shellfe bordes and wodd vessell ijs, South Cave

1559 j skeyll and j kirne iiijd , Westerdale

1628 4 stands, 2 skeils, one kitt, a kirne, Sedbusk

1663 one knedin tragh, one kirne, Brayton. Note: 1566 ij kirnes and j kirne staff xvjd, Hipswell

1743 1 kirn and staff, East Marton.

spellings kirn
dates 1485 1558 1559 1566 1628 1663 1676 1743

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0