1) A sea-fishing boat with a flat bottom, characteristic of the north-east coast.

1420 do et lego Galfrido Mawer meliorem cobyll, Barnard Castle

1527-8 To the said Edmunde a coble called the Margarete, Hornsea Beck

c.1540 a close where the Cobles put in, Sandsend. In 1550 Robert Barmeton made a grant of land which included free fishing infra mare voc. sex Coble-rights juxta Scarburgh and in 1624 two shillings was paid to Mathew Harker for attendinge with his Cobble to viewe the bridge in Whitby. Such boats often had divided ownership and in 1542 John Stephanson bequeathed ‘a quarter of a coble to Richard Philipote’, Owthorne.

dates 1420 1527-1528 1540 1542 1550 1624

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0