1) An implement used for raking the cinders out from an oven or from beneath a fire grate.

1399 j colrake ferri, York

1410 De 1d de j colrake de ferro, York

1570 one yron colrake, Spaldington

1621 one colerake and a peire of tongues, South Cave

1676 1 cowlerake, 4d, Barley

1739 a coldrake, Emley

1835 1 Cowl Rake making, Wath. The first element may be from ‘coal’, or the dialect verb ‘to coul’, that is to rake together, as in ‘to coil it in’ – said of making money.

spellings colrake
dates 1399 1410 1570 1621 1676 1739 1835

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0