1) The specialist woodworker who made barrels, casks and tubs.

1272 Thomas the Couper, Wombleton

1297 ‘John le Coupere’s house’, Wakefield. The surname was late to stabilise and the by-name is found into the fifteenth century. In 1424-5, for example, the fabric rolls for Ripon contain this entry: Item Thomae Colleper pro v garthys ligneis, 5d. It had several attributive uses, and an undated set of York ordinances, probably of the fifteenth century, referred to les artificers del coupercraft. Later examples are: 1564 Certein cowper timbre valued at 7s, Clint

1638 a good quantitie of tymber for seilinge and cowpers ware, Bradfield.

dates 1272 1297 1424-1425 1564 1638

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0