1) Originally a board or table on which cups and other kitchen items were placed. However, it came eventually to be used of a piece of furniture for holding crockery, a sideboard, and the association with 'cup' was soon lost.

1434 unam aliam mensam vocatam le copborde, Campsall

1485 unum armariolum cum copeborde super eodem, ijs, Ripon

1502 unum Cownter et unum Cubbord de Cipris cum tabulis, Liversedge

1552 to my cosyn ... a cupborde, a cownter, Womersley

1568 24 standinge Cubbordes for Chamberes, Healaugh

1579 one little cubbord or presser, Fewston

1619 Item, one cowbard, Bingley. Used attributively: 1423 ij coopertoriis vocatis copeburde clothys, York

1614 j table-cloth ij coberd clothes, Stockeld.

dates 1423 1434 1485 1502 1552 1568 1579 1614 1619

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0