1) Alternative spellings of the customary term for ten hides or skins.

1416 quod tunc solvat pro qualibet dacra corii ad locum predictum ducenda obulum pro firma domus, York

1466-7 24 dacres de pellibus vitulinis non tannatis, Hull

1545 to my sone Thomas Addie the shoppe … in market steide [place] and … ij dacre of Ledder,/i>, Wakefield

1558 to the said Percival and Thomas two dyker of lether, Worsbrough

1658 In which are 12 dicker of lether, Selby

1681 20 daiker of leather in the pitts,/i>, Selby. It was effectively a measure: 1546 ij dacre of leder clowtes and one other dacre of the best ledder, Spofforth.

spellings daker dicker dyker
dates 1416 1466-1467 1545 1546 1558 1658

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0