1) A verb with a wide range of meanings, including to clean, prepare, put in order.

In tanning contexts it signified that an article was made ready for use or for a subsequent process. c.1425 Item for a dakyr of leddyr fresyng and dightyng redy to the gyrdelar, York

1509 Pro ij hides to the smyth bellows and for dightynge of thame, 8s, York

1541 ij styk lethers dighted and half a hydd ixs, Knaresborough. It also referred to materials and articles of clothing: 1542my best siluer dight belte, Halifax

1611 vij stonne dighted woolle, Cottingley and to tools and their use: 1570 for dighting furth wedes, York

1620 Item, walker sheares, papers & dightinge towles, xls, Bingley

1644 my charges of fenceinge and dightinge of the sd grounds, Allerton. It overlapped in meaning with ‘dress’: 1662 halfe of all my tooles ... belonging to the trade of dighting and dressing, Gomersal.

dates 1425 1509 1541 1542 1570 1611 1620 1644 1662

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0