double spiking

1) No doubt a large spike-nail.

The early Latin references may be translating ‘double’ in this sense: 1354-5 In Ml D C de spykynges grossis, Ripon

1379-80 Et in CCC spykyngs grossis pro le flore ubi orrologium stat, Ripon

1399 Et in xvj.c. duble spikynges emptis 6s 8d, York

1429-30 200 dubelspykyngs, 1s 8d, Bedale

1543-4 Pro xiij.m double spykynges, 32s 6d, York.

places York Ripon Bedale
dates 1354-1355 1379-1380 1399 1429-1430 1543-1544

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0