1) A sideboard or table on which food was dressed or prepared.

1687 In the Kitchen two Dressers and a little shelf, Kirby Underdale.

dates 1687

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2) A person who helped in the preparation or dressing of food.

1417 ‘les dressourz in the kitchen’, Selby

c.1540 to have Daylly meate and drynke preparid and dressed withyn the seid vicarage ... to be dressed by the cooke and butler of the ... prioresse, Swine

1683 tyed the feet of the said sheep, layd it in a chaire, cutt its throate and immediatly dress’d it, Huddersfield. It was probably the source of Dresser as a by-name and surname: 1327 De Ada Dressur, Pickering

1379 Willelmo Dresure de eadem, Bolton Percy.

dates 1327 1379 1417 1540 1683

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0