1) Of a dark colour, dull greyish brown, used particularly of horses

1346 duos equos ... unus niger et alius dunne, Airyholme

1430 Item unam equam donned cum pullo suo, Ripon

1533 a dunned horse of iiij yeres olde, Wilberfoss

1540 a dunde stage of ij yeres olde goynge at Wulforthe

1585 one old downde meare, Grinton. Note: 1558 a mowse donne gelding

1602 unto John Foddle my sonne on dunded filly, Everthorpe.

spellings dunned
dates 1346 1430 1533 1540 1558 1585 1602

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0