1) Occupational term, apparently synonymouse with both filemaker and filesmith.

Joseph Brammall was a Sheffield filesmith who died in 1698, probably a small employer. In his inventory there were no fewer than 7 cutting Stythyes and their stocks, that is seven anvils on blocks, and the inference is that these were part of a filesmith’s specialist equipment. That probably explains the word ‘file-cutter’ which seems to be synonymous with both filemaker and filesmith but is not on record quite so early: 1704 Benj’ Nuns file-cutter, Sheffield

1715 James Crawshaw, file cutter, Sheffield. In 1700, Samuel Beyley of Sheffield was said to be a file cutler, possibly a slip of the clerk’s pen.

places Sheffield
dates 1698 1700 1704 1715

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0