1) A garth or enclosure on a river or the sea-shore designed to catch fish, especially salmon.

They are known to have been in existence on Yorkshire rivers from 1392-3 and the term features regularly in documents from the fifteenth century: 1454 oon fysshgarth … void of take, without fermour, Hemingbrough

1477 the fisshegarth of Goldale and other fysshegarthes within the ryver of Ayre is stondynge … to the … intollerable hurt of the Kyngs Chaumbre, York

1520 ‘fishing in the water of the Ouse called Fisshe Gartys’ [sic], Barley

1555 certyne his fysshegarthes sett in the sayd ryver to great nusans, York

1694 The fishings & 8 places for Fish Garths set lying & being in the water of Ouze, Cawood.

dates 1392-1393 1454 1477 1520 1555 1694

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0