1) The crop of grass which grows after the summer mowing; the aftermath.

1548 towe kie gaite in the Satlinge felde in Somer and in the Fogge felde in Wynter, Stainsby

1572 Mr Antony meynell fogg close, Thornton le Street

1617 James Lunde … for dryveinge of horses … upp the overbothom loane this fogg tyme, Malham

1699 did see William Smith drive forth out of a fogg close called the Green belonging to her husband, two cowes and a calfe, Keighley

1786 with John Toes about some fog, Sessay. It gave rise to many field names, typically: 1607 Fogge Close, Swine.

dates 1548 1572 1607 1617 1699 1786

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0