1) The noun describes a type of coarse woollen cloth with the nap raised on one side.

1536 my cote of blacke fryse, Lupset

1578 Item for v yeardes of fresse and a halfe for a gowne iijs iijd, Stockeld

1615 Frenche boy freeze for a jerking for him cost vjs viijd, Brandsby

1622 John Bonwicke to have Ł6 in money … and a frise coat, Elmswell

1758 all dyed frises, Wakefield. In some cases it is difficult to know whether ‘frise’ is a form of ‘frised’, for the past participle of the verb occurs frequently: 1485 1 par lodicum de fresed russet xxd, Clotherholme

1526 to Henry Clerke my whit fresid jackett, Seacroft

1755-6 James Hinchliffe took 7 frised peeces in parcels for Mr Daniel Maude to Wakefield. In the published Memorandum Books of John Brearley 1758-62, all the forms of the word are frequent, and there are details of the methods employed by Cloth Frizzers and of their specialist equipment, e.g. they frize a deal of goods ... James Carter a friser att Halifax ... This machine is to turn a friseing mill ... how to fit top bushes in a friseing board. As early as 1429 John Forester of York had the occupatiuon of freser.

spellings friezed friezer friezing board friezing mill
dates 1429 1485 1526 1536 1578 1615 1622 1755-1756 1758 1758-1762

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0