1) A rare word, listed by Halliwell as ‘galcar’ meaning an ale-tub.

The examples that I have noted support that definition: 1636 Item one knead kitt and a galker, Allerton, Bradford

1639 two Salting tubs ... one Gakker there, Swinsty

1700 all the great brewing vessels, namely the copper knop, cooler, gelker, Slaidburn. It seems though to have had two related meanings: 1775 Gailker, a Vessel to work new in

or the drink itself, Halifax. Easther considered it to be the wort itself. In the OED the headword is gyle-ker, a rare spelling in Yorkshire: 1611 1 maskfatt, 1 glycare [sic], Oakwell

1614 ij mash fatts, j gylkar, Stockeld.

dates 1611 1614 1636 1639 1700 1775

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0