1) Brushwood, used to reinforce weak points in the hedgerows, and to make dead hedges.

It has a long and well-documented history in Yorkshire: 1396 ‘except great timber and garsyll’, Scagglethorpe

1396-7 Et in garsell emp. pro clausura Ricardi quondam Roberti de Hundgate 8d, Ripon

1411 ‘Henry Wryght … cut 2 wagon-loads of garsills in the same place’, Yeadon

1507 ‘not to fell any wood … except garsell for making hedges’, Long Marston

1615 And I am to allow certane garcell if it greatly need for defence of the quicks, Brandsby. It remained in use and was listed by Wright, with the additional meanings of ‘rubbish’ or ‘kindling’. Less usual spellings include: 1453 Et de 11d, sol. pro j plaustrat. de gressel cum cariagio, empto pro orto ibidem, Ripon

1596-7 sufficient Stackes, hedgewood and gersell for making and repairing of hedge and fence, Beeston.

dates 1396-1397 1396 1411 1453 1507 1596-1597 1615

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0