1) Literally the word for ‘twin’ but used commonly of two-part iron fittings. In most contexts it was plural and clearly referred to hinges.

1396-7 Et in ij paribus de gemus cum clav. emp. de Johanne de Sutton pro magno hostio … 13d, Ripon

1446 j pare de gemews pro ostio de le trapdore, Beverley

1537 for two lokes, ij keyes, iiij gemoures, ij slottes 20d, York

1677 for gemberes for the pore cobberds 10d, Bradford. Some spellings of the word can be difficult to identify, e.g. c.1520 pro par le gemmerces, Ripon

1664 for iemmow bands, locks and keys pro 5 new pews, Ripon.

spellings gemow
dates 1396-1397 1446 1520 1537 1664 1677

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0