1) The girth is the belt placed round a horse’s body to secure a saddle or pack. It was made of strong woven material called girth-web.

1395 It. pro vj pes de gyrthwebs, ijs, Whitby

1581 Item payd ... for xiij yeardes of gerthwebe for Ned, js ijd, Stockeld

1585 Item two lodesadles with garthes & wantoes, 6s 8d. Rastrick

1628 3 sadles, bridles mantoes [sic for wantoes] and overgarthes, Pudsey

1696 garths and wantow, Holmfirth.

spellings girthweb garth (3)
dates 1395 1581 1585 1628 1696

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0