1) The lower part of a wall or building, a foundation.

1392-3 In salar. iij cementariorum operant. super j Grundewall ibidem, Ripon

1497 et pro waystones et grounde walles et stones, vjd, York

1539 for iij days for feyng of the ground wall that was falyn down at his garth end, York. Used occasionally as a verb: 1419-20 in grundwallyng et emend. unius loftflore, Ripon and in an occupational term: 1424 Joh. Sourdenall, Grundewall, York

1477 erthe wallers ... ground wallers with erthe, York.

spellings earth waller
places York Ripon
dates 1392-1393 1419-1420 1424 1477 1497 1539

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0