1) The hair of horses, deer and other animals had a wide variety of uses.

1394-5 Item pro iiij et dim. petris de derhar iijs vijd, Whitby

1563 j haire teder xijd, Knayton. The following are all from one set of accounts: 1615 a hayre tether and 2 longe broad headed helters xviijd

1615 I payd for 15 bushells of haire for lyme vjs

1618 a quantity of drye sadle or deare hayre for wadding his peese, Brandsby.

dates 1394-1395 1563 1615 1618

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2) A coarse open fabric made of hair from animals, used particularly in kilns for drying malt and for straining or sieving.

1394-5 Item pro xxviij ulnis de hayr et cariac. ejusdem viijs viijd, Whitby

1485 hayr pro ustrina xxx ulnć xs, Ripon

1521 a steippe fatte, a kylne, a hare, Thirsk

1567 In the kylne howse: Item one hayre clothe, 3s 4d, Fixby

1581 1 heare clothe, 2 wynno clothes, Anston

1666 In the Kill 1 paire of new haires wit fouer yards of new haire, Brayton.

spellings haircloth
dates 1394-1395 1485 1521 1567 1666

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0