1) A linen fabric which owes its name to Holland when it was a province in the Netherlands.

1423 pro j linthiamine de panno de Holand usitat, York

1463 3 peces holandcloth

1465 j rowndlet Holland lyne, Hull

c.1537 j Ell fine holandes cloth wrought with gold and sylke in the mydes and euery corner, called a couerpane, Halifax

1568 foure table clothes of Hollande, Healaugh

1667 2 hollan carvatts, one coife one pinner a pair of hollan sleeves, West Riding. Note: 1566 for every Hundred Ells of French or Holland Canvas, Bridlington.

dates 1423 1463 1465 1537 1566 1568 1667

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0