horn wheel

1) Of uncertain meaning, connected with clothiers' work.

A rare term, found in clothiers’ inventories in connection with bartrees, damsel, etc but of uncertain meaning: 1555 my broode lowme with horne wheles, bare trees, and yeares [gears], Rothwell

1572 ij lomes ... his barttryses ... j horne wheill, South Cave

1576 In the Shopp and Lomehowse ... one lome Damyselles Bartrees Horne Wheile and all other thynges thereunto belonging, Leeds

1614 Item one paire of broad loumes with brasse board, and one horne whele & other furniture belonging xxs, Pudsey

1638 a horne wheele ... j loume with geares, Barley.

dates 1555 1572 1576 1614 1638

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0