house of office

1) A building for some special purpose, not a dwelling-house.

1419 thaire halles and thaire houses of office, York

1450-5 wyth many oder howsys of officys qwylk er all fallyn doune, Anlaby

1532 also one barke mylne kylne with odre howses of office, Fountains Abbey

1553 all howses, laithes, gardens, howses of office, Wadsworth

1618 In th’one of those wings there be two kitchins, bakehouse, brewehouse, and other houses f office, Breckenbrough. Note this description of the main dwelling room of a Leeds clothier: 1576 In the Offyse Howse.

spellings office
dates 1419 1450-1455 1532 1553 1576 1618

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0