1) A short, close-fitting garment which could be worn by both men and women.

1391 Item eidem unum jak defencionis, opertum nigro velveto, Sutton in Holderness

1423 Et de xxs receptis pro j jake deffence de chamlet rubea, cum iij legulis deauratis , York. More usually it was a sleeveless tunic worn by soldiers, made of quilted leather and it may later have been plated with iron: 1450 ‘Also I leave to William Yate 1 tunic called the jake ’, Bradford

1476 lego Ricardo filio meo ... j Jak, j sallet , Aberford

1481 all the money paid for the standerd, javelien, harnesse, jakks ... shalbe born of the Chambre, York

1526 to Gilbert Milner my jake , Halifax

1541 my swerde and buckler, jake and sallet, with all other my fensible aray, Beeston .

spellings jake
dates 1391 1423 1450 1476 1481 1526 1541

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2) A measure, half or quarter of a pint (Halliwell).

1720 a pint of dub, a jack of dub, West Riding

1741 betwixt a Jack and a Gill of good Brandy , Pontefract. In some contexts it referred to a drinking vessel, probably short for black jack: 1612 The Buttrie: ... 2 drinking glasses 2 jackes 3 canns

1622 2 black jacks 3s, 12 stond bottells 4s 8d, Brandsby.

dates 1612 1622 1720 1741

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3) A machine for turning the spit in roasting meat, first noted in 1587 (OED).

1619 one fire shovel, one poyte and a jacke , Pudsey

1674 Tenn spits a Jack Two pare of racks , Doncaster. Note: 1653 paid to the jack keeper his whole yeare waidges , Stockeld: this servant was responsible also for ‘keeping’ the clock.

dates 1619 1653 1674

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0