1) A twilled cotton cloth, a kind of fustian made in Genoa and originally called ‘genoese fustian’.

1572 Imprimis, vij yeards of geanes fustion iiijs ... xvj yeardes of geane fustion vijs, Richmond

1609 I geve unto my brother Alexander one newe Canvas dublett Cutt and laced and also one newe paire of kersie hose with two laces upon and lyned with Jeanes fustian , West Bradford

1617 Herbert Davis byll ... 2ľ yerds of jeanes ijs ixd , Brandsby

1751 did steal seven pieces of fustian commonly called jeans, West Riding.

dates 1572 1609 1617 1751

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0