1) In this solitary example, ‘lake’ seems to be used of a stream or an area under water close to a spring which served to fill the moat of a newly-built house.

1450-5 byggyd hym a manor besyd the well and the lak of the bake of the well, making the lake of the well to ryn about hys uter moot on both syddys the maner , Anlaby.

places Anlaby
dates 1450-1455

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2) A play, a game, sport.

1554 What is yon? A Christinmas play in faythe. Yonder is a gay Yole layke Rothwell.

places Rothwell
dates 1554

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3) The colour of certain cloths, possibly scarlet, very early examples of ‘lac’ or ‘lake’.

1391 et ij par linthiaminum de panno de lake, Lockton

1397 De 5s pro v ulnis panni de lake pro corporalibus, York

1413-4 ‘8 ells of cloth de lake purchased for one tablecloth’, Selby

1451 unum par linthiaminum de panno de layke, York.

places Selby York Lockton
dates 1391 1397 1413-1414 1451

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4) A gift or offering, comparable with ‘boon’ according to Canon Atkinson.

1394-5 Redditus Assis. Soca de Hakeness ... redditus gallinis vocatis lakis vijs ... cxl ovis ibidem, Whitby. In this series of accounts, hens and eggs feature repeatedly but with some differences in the way the items are entered, e.g. xx gallinis de lake ... De ovis lakes.

places Whitby
dates 1394-1395

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0