1) The regional word for barn, of Scandinavian origin.

1454 graynes herberd in the lathes of the said manor, Cavil

1474 sall uppe hald a fyre house ... and a lathe of viij posts, Rawmarsh

1529 a mease, a lathe with a close, Lepton

1588 I made new a lathe, having ix wayne lodes of tymber towards the same, Woodsome. This is one of several words which were regional in their use and which clerks began to ‘translate’ in property deeds from the Tudor period: 1558 one grett arke being in the lathe or barne ther, Hunshelf

1665 one barne or lath joyning to a close ... called Lathyng, Netherton. A plural form 'lathing' can be compared with folding and housing: 1753 3 bays of laithing and one cow house, Royston.

dates 1454 1474 1529 1558 1588 1753

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0