1) An obsolete word for an open space in a wood, akin to the modern ‘lawn’.

It gave rise to by-names and numerous minor place-names: 1301 de Galfrido de la Laund, Ugglebarnby

1384 la Launde, Moor Monkton

1636 all that messuage called the greate Lawne, Sutton on the Forest

1651 all that parcel of pasture ground knowne by the name of the Lawnes, Blansby Park. It remained an active word in wood leases and the like: c.1450 in reparacione muri circa lawnd iijd, Fountains Abbey

1570 greate covertes of underwood and tymber and large laundes, Leconfield.

dates 1301 1384 1450 1570 1636 1651

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0