1) Slips or cuttings of plants, especially whitethorn, set in the ground to form a hedge.

c.1560 lay qwycksett … the Spring is at hand, Woodsome

1609 diverting the King’s way … in Danby Lawndes … by digging and setting of quicksetts, Danby. It came to mean ‘hedge’ early in its history via the compound ‘quickset hedge’: c.1530 dyd hew and cut down a great part of the quyk sett or spryng growing in and aboute the … two closez, Kirby Misperton

1580 ‘a certain hedge or quicksette’, Dewsbury

1597 Milncroft field as inclos’d with Quicksetts, Beeston.

spellings whickset
dates 1530 1560 1580 1597 1609

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0