1) A verb, to carry or transport by cart.

1690 for fenceing of gapps to be left for leadeing or carrying away of any wood, barke or charcoale, Tong. It was a condition in a lease of 1579 that the tenant William Lylye leade or cause to be led Seaven wayne lodes of wodd from heaton hall to … William Beaumont his milne, Kirkheaton.

places Tong Kirkheaton
dates 1579 1690

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2) A small block of lead on which the file was placed after one side had been finished so that the reverse could be worked on without damage to the cuts.

In 1701, the inventory of a file-cutter named John Turner listed Two stones to grinde and two trowes, 4s 0d, Three Stockes, lead and chisels with sume steele.

dates 1701

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3) A vessel made of lead, used for brewing or dyeing.

1524 a greate leede and a greate arke, Paul

1559 Item one leyde and masfatt, North Stainley

1617 one lowme, a pare of geeres ... one leade, Bingley.

dates 1524 1559 1617

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0