1) The hem or selvage of material.

1433 unam tuellam de twill, cum nigris lystez, York

1506 And the wever to have for ... every such cloth of xxv yerds long and vij quarters and an half brod betwix the lists ijs viijd in redy money, York

1824 paid for some lists and thrums, Meltham. In 1758-62, a Wakefield cloth frizzer wrote in his memorandum book: pieces called stop lists made mostly about Dewsbury and Birstall are used in foreighn countryes for womens petticoats and the list is and [sic]ornament for border of the bottom of the coatt. Used also of a type of cloth: 1562 One coverlet of lyste lined with fure viijd, Richmond

1598 one white broad liste Carsey, Hipperholme.

dates 1433 1506 1562 1598 1758-1762

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2) Short for ‘enlist’.

1675 Samuel Constantine of Kettlewell listed by Captaine Cuthbert Wade ... in his troope of dragoones

1697 put a shilling into my hand and ... towld me that I was listed, Sheffield.

dates 1675 1697

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3) A verb, to choose, desire or please.

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0