1) Gray, silvery-gray or white, used particularly of horses.

1345 unum equum album qui vocatur lyard, Brompton

1429 a white horse called Lyard, York

1452 unum palefridum vocatum Lyard Gig, Masham

1476 myne graye ambuling horse callid lierd Dale, Old Malton. These were effectively names, and the colour was characteristically linked with a family or place which identified where the horse came from: 1257 et j pullum nigrum liard, Harpham

1495 Johanni Aske lyard Otteley, York

1503 Adć Copley arm. j equum voc lyard Baraclogh, Clotherholme

1508 xxxiijs iiijd pro j equo succuss’ vocat. Lyerd Banys, York. See NH139-44.

spellings liard
dates 1257 1345 1429 1452 1476 1495 1503 1508

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0