1) In the trade guilds of the Middle Ages the ‘master’ was a workman qualified in his craft and entitled to teach apprentices.

1445 lerned his craft better to occupie as maister, York. In 1479-80, the York cutlers’ ordinances were approved by thassent and consent of all the maisters of the craftes of Cutlers and Bladesmythez: similarly in Beverley it was stated in 1567 that no person … shall sett upp and occupie the said science of a Tanner of new as a maister … until such tyme as he be made Burges and Brother of the said occupacion of Tanners, Beverley. The usual dialect spelling was 'maister': 1487 I depute and make my supervisor Maister Baxter, Hull

1510 I desir my broder ... to be ... good maister to my servants, Harewood

1533 Rent servyces sute ... Appertaynyng to the Sheype Maysters office, Flotmanby

1685 being makeinge of her maisters bed, Almondbury.

spellings maister
dates 1445 1479-1480 1487 1510 1533 1567 1685

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0