1) Regional by-names for the cattle herd or herdsman.

1296 Nicholas le noutehird, York

1309 German le Nauthyrd, Wakfield. In 1280, Robertus Noutmaysterman was a witness in a dispute between Rievaulx Abbey and Kirkham Priory: his name suggests that he was responsible for all the cattle in one of those monastic houses. The word remained in use as an occupational term: 1642 they would not take under iiijs a gate and wee must pay Noutheard-wages, Elmswell. It had the same meaning as neatherd, a point appreciated by a clerk who chose to demonstrate his knowledge of the regional terms used in a local place-name: 1705-8 there is a lane leading from Helaugh to Harkaside called Neatherd Lane or Noutherd Lonning ... it got that name by the Helaugh mens using to drive their neat or cattle from Helaugh to Harkaside.

spellings noutherd noutmaysterman
dates 1280 1296 1309 1642 1705-1708

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0