1) Lower, in contrast to upper, although in Yorkshire the contrast was originally with ‘over’.

1377-8 Pro quodam Louthyr fact[o] apud Nethyrmylne, Bolton Priory

1489 a certan ground at the neder end of the ... holme, Ovenden

1552 a payre of bede stockes likewise in the nether parler, Pontefract

1647 I went to Shore hall, and so through the nether part of the town, Thurlstone. Its use in everyday vocabulary declined, in favour of lower, and this affected many minor place-names. Low Moor in North Bierley was, in 1579, the nether common next adjoining Okenshaye and Lower Houses in Almondbury developed in a similar way from Nether House: 1635 John Kaye of Netherhouse

1636 John Kaye of Lowerhouse. The element survived in Netherton, Netherthong and other major names, but see 'over'.

dates 1377-1378 1489 1552 1579 1636 1647

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0