1) Anything, a variant spelling of aught, still in regular use.

c.1570 yf owght be gone than neds not Ile complayne to hadywiste [had I known], Woodsome

1786 one mason dressing Stones at Stonepit ... Joseph Pogson there for ought I know, Slaithwaite.

dates 1570 1786

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2) The past of the verb to owe.

1496 for the tendir love that he hath ought to my husbond, York

1521 iijs iiijd that his fader owght me, Pontefract

1557 Detts that the testator ought the daye of his dethe, Thornton Bridge

1685 his father ought him seven shillings for lamb summering, Gargrave

1727 Daniel Brear ought him money, Bradford.

dates 1496 1521 1557 1685 1727

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0