1) The man responsible for the ‘pale’ or 'palis' of the medieval park, usually said to be either the woodman who made the palings or the officer who managed the park.

It is one of several spellings and the term is first recorded as a by-name: 1315 Roger Paleser, Stanley

1379 Robertus Palycer, Brearton. Examples of the occupational term include: 1488-9 Johannes Conceytt … Forestarius dicti Leonis Percy et palicer de Blandesby

1516 George Myllet, servaunte unto my said lords grace, and palasoure of the parke of Beverlay

1622 Pallisor et Keeper de Blandsbie. The wood-worker responsible for making the ‘palis’ had a distinctive by-name: 1379 Willlmus Palycemaker, Arkendale.

dates 1315 1379 1488-1489 1516 1622

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0