1) A section or compartment of woodland set out to be felled.

1574 division into panels or fells [sic], Sheffield.

places Sheffield
dates 1574

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2) Used adjectivally of a chest made of thin boards, similar in meaning therefore to wainscot chest.

1640-1 one panill chiste, Hampsthwaite.

places Hampsthwaite
dates 1640-1641

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3) The protective pad under the load saddle of a pack horse.

1377-8 In j panell[o] emp[to] per eundem viijd, Bolton Priory

1394-5 Item pro ij panels et j howse ad sellas nostras iijs vjd, Whitby

1581 one old saddell with panels, Anston

1587 certayn tethers & bandes 1 pecke skepe a pannyll, South Cave

1614 2 load sadles panelled, ouerleys, wantoes, Stockeld

1642 On market-dayes our folkes ... give to every 2 horses a bottle of hey and that serveth them till theire pannells bee sette on, Elmswell

1692 Two hackney saddles three pannells and garthes ... two wantowes, Worsbrough.

dates 1377-1378 1394-1395 1587 1614 1642 1692

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0