1) Planks were frequently used to bridge narrow water courses.

1610 the planks between Brampton & Acley, Auckley

1623 the bridge ... on the highway within ... Kirkby Wiske and Ottrington commonly called Newby Planckes

1679 noe man shall make their waye over a planke in the middle of a close called the long Holme, Slaithwaite. North Riding bridge accounts suggest that in some places a wooden foot-bridge was erected which linked the causey with the main bridge. In 1624, a Kirby Wiske yeoman was indicted for not repairing his parte of the cawsey att the bridge-end over the Wiske, besides his planckes, as others his neighbours usuallie doe.

dates 1610 1623 1624 1679

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0