1) In some cases this may have been a wooden bridge, but it could also be a bridge over a narrow stream made of a single tree trunk.

The OED has an example from 1506, entered under foot-bridge. In 1642, at Ayton in the North Riding the inhabitants were presented for not repairing their bridge called le Tree-bridge lying between … Ormsby and the market-town of Stokesley, and in the will of Jeoffrey Charder of Reeth, in 1547, the executors were asked to bye one tree of one foot brode and laye yt over Waveland becke. The ‘lost’ West Riding place-name Trowebrigge, that is tree-bridge, occurred in a Castleford charter in c.1235.

dates 1235 1547

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0