1) To fill the spaces in lines of masonry or brickwork with mortar or cement, applying the point of the trowel.

1391-2 In salar. Willelmi Sklater punctantis super dictam domum per iiij dies, 20d, Ripon. In 1682, the masons who contracted to repair Cottingley Bridge had to point the bridge with good Lime and haire and fill up all the holes in the pavement.

places Ripon Cottingley
dates 1391-1392 1682

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2) Points were the tagged laces or cords which served to fasten garments where buttons are now used.

c.1504 Item vij groys qwyth [white] poyntes ijs iiijd, York. The making of points became a craft in its own right: 1453 Willelmus Lutton, poyntemaker, York

1500 Robertus Gettyns, poyntmaker, York

1597 John Hall, pointemaker, Skelton.

spellings point-maker
places York Skelton
dates 1453 1504 1597

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0