1) A bag or small sack.

1490 De j ald sekk ijd. De ij lytill ald poyckes iijd, York

1505 that thei open not theyr sakez and pokez and put non to saile, York

1612 stealing thence a poke and a pecke of barley meale, Cropton

1662 he found a quarter of lambe put into a poake and laid there with a stone upon it, Rotherham

1725 gave him a peck of apples and lent him a poak to put them in, Ilkley. Some pokes were used as measures: 1731 five mett poakes, two bushill poakes, Spofforth.

dates 1490 1505 1612 1662 1725 1731

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0