1) A hook suspended from an iron bar over the fireplace, from which to hang a pot or kettle.

1557 to John my son ... pot crokes a raken and my barres of yron in the chimney, Huddleston

1612 2 pottcrooks 1 racke of iron, Brafferton. There were similar alternative words: 1578 a gallow balke of yron iij crowkes twoo payre of pott howkes, South Cave

1581 1 rekyne ... 1 payre of pothockes, Anston

1684 1 paire of pot grips, Cartworth

1558 one rekane with pottkylpes and tanges, South Cave

spellings grip (2) pot-grip pot-hook pot-kilp
dates 1557 1558 1578 1612

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0