1) A quarter of anything, a measure of numerous commodities, especially wool.

1312-3 Pro ... j quarteroun de maces, Bolton Priory

1399 iij quartron vitri albi empti pro magnis fenestris novi chori, York

1484 a quartron of woll, York

c.1504 iij qwaterons of crules viijd, York

1576 a quartron and a halff of allum vijli xs, Leeds

1605 for five stone and half a quarterne of wooll at 9s 6d a stone, Abbotside

1615 and a quartram of lynges with corde to pack them up in, Brandsby

1622 3 stone of woll lacking quarteron xxiiijs, Cottingley

1686 For a quartron of tobacco, Conistone

1724 nine wharterons of weft, Gomersal. Note: c.1758 the prise the give for spinning weft ... is never above 10d a walltron that is 6 pound, Wakefield.

spellings whartern walltron
dates 1312-1313 1399 1484 1504 1576 1605 1615 1622 1686 1724 1758

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0