1) Used for grinding, typically for malt, mustard or pepper.

1410 de j pari peperquernis, York

1444 j maskefatt cum j par qwernes, Beverley

1455 j parr qwerens, Bossall

1485 duo paria pepyr-qwernys, ijd, York

1518 on par of whernes, Barkston

1558 a paire of corne whernes, Whitkirk

1561 The Kytching ... one pair of whearnes, Spaldington

1570 a payer of whernes, South Cave. Note: 1575 one pare of whernestones, South Cave.. A Sheffield boxmaker named William Harrison made smoothing-irons, and in his smithy in 1692 were the usual bellows, stithy, vices, hammers and tongs, plus a paire of Quernes . If these were not for domestic purposes, that is grinding corn, mustard or pepper, it is difficult to say what their function might have been as smithy gear.

spellings whern whearn
dates 1410 1444 1455 1485 1518 1558 1561 1570 1575 1692

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0