1) Living wood, commonly used of whitethorn as a hedge plant.

1436 to dyke with qwykwode, Huddersfield

1545 for the wages meyt and drynke of ten workmen … in dichynge and laynge qwikwodd aboute the said wood, Spofforth

1573 none shall … cut no quickwood, Dewsbury

1614 3900 of quick wood after 4d each hundredth, Brandsby. ‘Whickwood’ was an alternative spelling: 1455 ‘made one ditch with Whikwod’, Yeadon

1492 they found no hegges brokyn, whikwod pulled up, York

1562 as enclosed with a whykewode hedge, Southowram.

spellings whickwood
dates 1436 1455 1492 1545 1562 1573 1614

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0