1) A heifer, or a young cow up to three years old that has not calved.

The OED headword is quey, a spelling which I have not yet been noted in Yorkshire: 1455 j blake qwy, Bossall

1485 I will that Elyne Peke have a quye, Ripon

1559 one quye to be kepte of the cost and charges of my Executors unto ... fully thre yeares olde and upward, Wombwell

1600 two heffers prassed to Ł3 6s 8d, Marrick

1616 6 quhyes bought whereof the biggest tow branded cost Ł4 5s, Brandsby

1662 Thomas Brockhole ... bred att Thorne a redd quy with a little white under her belly which will bee att Christmas next about three yeares old ... will calve ... he verily believes about tenne daies hence.

spellings quey
dates 1455 1485 1559 1600 1616 1662

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0