1) To sift grain, peas, etc by giving a circular motion to the contents of a sieve (OED).

c.1580 March wynd, I trowe things dry doth blowe, thy warecorne sede ree cleane, Woodsome. In 1642, Henry Best of Elmswell wrote: When wee ... take up Corne for the mill ... wee ... looke out ... a sieve to rye the Corne with. He described making brown bread from rye, pease and barley, viz a bushel of pease and a bushel of Rye into which wee putte a Ryinge or 2 or 3 of barley. The reeing sieve was one of several similar implements, each specially designed for its own task: 1611 1 rye riddle one haver riddle 1 reeing sive, Brandsby.

dates 1580 1611 1642

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0