1) A form of ‘royal’, a name given to certain coins, including one of silver struck in Scotland.

In England, the name dates from 1464 when Edward IV abandoned the noble and introduced the angel at the noble’s old rate of 6s 8d. The ryal or ‘rose-noble’ also dates from that period and there were subsequent issues: 1535 in Seuerall places and chistes ther, in Rialles, nobles and King Hen’ pence, Stillingfleet

1560 vnto my good mr Sr Edmond Maliuerer ... one old Riall of golde and to my lady his wife one old angell, Thorner

1577 an ould ryall for a remembrance, Burton Constable. A later issue was in 1558, for Elizabeth I: 1612 I pawned to him 17 owld angels & one Elizabeth white ryall, Brandsby.

spellings ryal
dates 1535 1560 1577 1612

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0